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Why join the Exponential Evolution Code Mastermind?

If any of these fit you:

  • You are a successful professional or business owner wanting more in ALL areas of your life and feel stuck in your current state.
  • You have a high level of success but still feel like you're "waiting to be found out" or have a sense of "not good enough" or impostor syndrome. 
  • You have had to work REALLY hard to get where you are and find yourself exhausted, burned out, and stressed most of the time
  • You have achieved a level of success or mastery in one area of your life (health and fitness, relationships, business, creative endeavors) but struggle to find that ease in other areas. 
  • You find yourself doing most of your best work to get others to notice you (a boss, a partner, family members, friends)  instead of for the enjoyment of it. 
  • You find it hard to trust yourself.  You're constantly making commitments and are unable to follow through, changing or avoiding them, or feeling like it's impossible to change. 
  • You find it hard to trust others because they always let you down. 
  • Your relationships or health suffers because you put so much time and energy into your work. 
  • You constantly feel the financial pressure to be achieving more.  It feels like there is never enough
  • You deal with fear of what others will think or worry about leaving family and friends behind when you imagine a better life. 
  • You've felt like an outsider almost everywhere you go, even in your work or relationships.
  • You find it enjoyable and easy in the areas you excel but exhausting and difficult in the areas you don't.  Ex. You know your business like the back of your hand, but can't seem to make your relationship or fitness goals work to save your life!
  • You find yourself saying "If I only had more time, money, etc, I'd go after________" or "When i achieve "X" I'll be happy, fulfilled, take that vacation, etc."
Each of these feelings and beliefs are a drain on your energy and take away from focus, purpose, and motivation.  They have a financial, emotional, and personal cost to them.  Stack them all up and you're likely to be spending a significant portion of your day living in a fear based or dis-empowered state. 

Be honest with yourself! How many hours of your day do you spend in a lower level, dis-empowered (fear, shame, guilt, anger) state v/s a high level, powerful (love, gratitude, joy) state?

If the answer is more than 50% of your day, you're wasting precious hours that could be spent building a life you love and doing it with more joy, love and freedom. The good news  is it doesn't have to be this way.  It doesn't have to feel hard.  You don't have to live your life in fear, stress or frustration.

I've experienced all of these feelings.  They are rooted in a code of fear.  This code is the collection of all of the beliefs, agreements, and decisions we have made in our lives and that code creates everything that you see in your world.   

When we create our lives with a fear code, everything we create has fear in it.  It's like the DNA of an organism.  The code can only produce the life it is coded for.  You can't get an elephant from the DNA if a banana.  

In the same way, you can't get a life that you love from a code of fear. 

That code can make it seem like you're not enough, like you have to work hard to make yourself better, prove to others or yourself that you're not broken, that you're capable, happy, "got it together", and that YOU ARE ENOUGH

I spent a lot of time in my life trying to fix what was "wrong" with me.  Feeling broken always made me feel like I wasn't good enough, even in those areas where I had a lot of success

Because I believed that I was broken or unfixable, change was always short lived, or always felt like I was working against myself. I would do better for a while and eventually find myself going back to old behaviors. It was a cycle of shame and failure that I continued for many years.

Once I stopped fixating on what was wrong with me and how I could be better and just accepted exactly who I was and where I was, everything in my life changed.   Starting with that self love and knowing "I am enough" gave me access to a new, powerful way of being.

A powerful state is available to you at all times. You can access this empowered state at any time and when you do, you become unstoppable.


You just have to know how to change the code of fear that keeps you from seeing and living that truth. 

The Exponential Evolution Code Mastermind gives members the tools, resources, and practice to change that code from FEAR to LOVE in a safe, powerful, environment. You will practice with others, evolve exponentially together, and learn to live in this empowered (LOVE) state in every area of your lives. 

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Joel Turner

Josh is the one individual in the last 5 years who has made the absolute greatest impact in my life in so many positive ways. Through our one on one coaching coaching, I’ve been able to break through years of thought processes that have never served me, and he has introduced me to material(books, talks, podcast etc.) that have changed my life. At the same time, I’ve been able to take action towards my vision for my life in ways I never thought possible.

It starts with "I am Enough." 

When you live in fear of rejection, of screwing it up, of not having enough (time, money, love) etc. you create an energy around you of lack, fear, and need. 

When you take action from this dis-empowered place, you're attracting MORE of what you're afraid of  because you energetically push it away AND your expectation is that you will be rejected, screw it up, run out of (time, money, love) and so you create that reality. 

You've been taught to feel the fear and do it anyway (and there is some truth to that) but taking action with fear as the motivation and underlying feeling, only brings more fear!

When you can come to an assurance, the deep knowledge that you don't need any of these things to be "enough" you begin to free yourself up to live in a powerful state that you can access at any time, and you can take action from love, gratitude, etc.

All of those states that you are working so hard to achieve "some day in the future" are available to you now!!

But you've been taught you aren't enough.  You've been taught that you have to improve, be better, be richer, be more fit, more generous, more put together, more [fill in the blank] to be worthy of being happy, fulfilled, joyful.   All of this teaches you that you're not enough and that you need something outside of you--more money, a romantic partner, a better body---to make you whole. 

The fun part is that once you learn how to access this powerful state of knowing "I am enough" and live happy NOW, all of those outside things will come.  And when you don't need them to make you feel safe and whole, and you have them to ENHANCE your life, they become infinitely more enjoyable. 

Imagine, for a minute,what that would be like to never feel like you lack or need to "fix" anything.  Imagine how it feels to be in gratitude for everything in your life and be able to receive even more good things BECAUSE of it. 

Gratitude for what you have now AND the ability to pursue what you truly desire with joy is available to you. I can teach you how to change your mindset and access your Exponential Evolution Code. 

I've done it for myself and dozens of others and I want to take you there too. 

Exponential Evolution Code Mastermind

The next 12 week mastermind kicks off soon.

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You Don't Have to Do It Alone!

Creating a life you love is an inside job.  As you understand the fear code that has created the results you have today and begin to shift them to an empowered (LOVE) code you'll start to see the results immediately. 

YOU have to do the work. But that doesn't mean you have to do it alone. 

When you decide to be responsible for creating the life you want, you become self-reliant. 

When you do it with the support of others who are also being responsible for their life, you begin to co-create something that you could never do alone. 

This is why I've brought this mastermind to you. I created this program to help you shift that code quickly AND to be able to practice living Your Exponential Evolution Code with the support of others, just like you, wanting to create a life they love. 

This mastermind gives you all the tools I've personally used to shift my own code from one of shame, fear, guilt, "not feeling enough", negativity, judgment into one of love, gratitude, peace, responsibility, acceptance, and joy.  

The results have included deepened every relationship that I have, booking a TedX talk, "manifesting" a car and a home that I LOVE, creating meaningful, impactful work that is fun and rewarding, deepening my spiritual practice and having more energy, time, and money to create this life than ever before.   Most importantly, I am enjoying all of these things without fear of losing them and can take bold, empowered action toward everything I want. 

My clients have created jobs of their dreams that are financially rewarding and purposeful, created relationships they never thought possible, stepped out in courage from relationships and environments that were toxic and created relationships and environments that thrive. 

Exponential Evolution Code Mastermind brings my journey that took 8 years into a 12 week coaching and practice program to help you create the life you want faster than you ever thought possible. 

Accelerate your results.  Get the tools to practice.  Support and be supported by others. 

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If you've made it this far without registering I'm guessing you're still unsure. I get it.  My promise to you is to give you all the tools you need to start creating a life you love.  I've got you. 

And if you've made it this far, something made you stay. So don't go back the way you came.  Take One Step Foward.  Schedule a call to start your Exponential Evolution Code and to learn more. 

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